Death and Donuts

Shadow Trade: Ruin of Relics
Book 3

Love can be deadly.

Everly’s cautious optimism for a normal summer shatters with the news of the dwarven prince’s murder. By order of the dwarf king, the mountain is immediately shut down, trapping Vena’s family inside along with the killer.

As Everly and her friends search for the truth behind the prince’s sudden death to free Vena’s family, tensions and passions rise, and Everly finds herself once again in a war for affection between Shepard and Cross. Not that being between two hot, alpha males is much of a chore…until Everly discovers why she was placed there.

All the clues point toward a terrifying truth–the vampires are out for blood, and no one is safe.

Death and Donuts is filled with laughs, steamy moments, unique dessert creations for creatures who have no culinary palette (Blood donuts? Gross!), and thrilling near misses in this new addition to the Ruin of Relics series.