Blood and Bonbons

Shadow Trade: Ruin of Relics
Book 1

Resolution One: Never go hiking again.
Resolution Two: Don’t bleed on any more hibernating vampires.

An impromptu hike sends Everly toppling gracelessly into a vampire cave, where she accidentally wakes the slumbering inhabitant. The surly, tall, and devastatingly handsome vampire isn’t interested in the bonbons Everly offers to make amends for disturbing him. He’d rather have Everly…help him adapt to the modern world, of course.

However, after one of her friends disappears, Everly abandons Cross’s lessons and asks for his help navigating the Shadow Trade world instead. Filled with supernatural creatures of every sort, it’s a place she never wanted to enter. A single misstep could cost Everly her life. But she’ll risk anything to keep the people she cares about safe.

With sugary bribes, ancient artifacts, mysterious tattoos, and extremely sexy supernaturals, Blood and Bonbons is the next must-read paranormal romance/ urban fantasy/cozy mystery blend of the year.